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Founder of Woosah Outfitters, Erica’s woodcut designs are at the heart of why Lux loves Woosah. Erica hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan and fell into the addictive black hole of woodcutting while attending Kendall College School of Art and Design. She gets all her inspiration from nature, and she’s a cool human too. As Erica says, “The Woodcut is literally the oldest and raddest form of printmaking techniques.” She might be right.


The word “Woosah,” when said aloud, is meant to bring a sense of inner peace and calm. (Try it. It’s nice). For Erica, two specific things bring her this sense of Woosah: losing track of time in the art studio, and spending quality time outdoors getting inspired by nature. This is why Erica is often found “Spreading the Woosah” in camping sites across America (and blogs about it here). If you’re the outdoors type, or at least appreciates those who are, then Woosah is for you.


In addition to nature inspiring her artwork, Erica believes coffee always tastes better outside. So, she converted a box truck into a coffee house and parked it in a community garden beside her shop. Whether you want to unwind outside, or fuel up for a hard day’s work, there’s no denying there’s something special about spending a moment with coffee in nature.


Erica is an artist, a camper – many things – and most importantly, she’s resourceful. Woosah wouldn’t be a successful shop with two locations if she didn’t have a little business know-how and great business partners. Hence, Woosah’s side hustle: Beach rentals. Stop by her Douglas Rentals location for affordable beach chair rentals, umbrellas, bikes and accessories. Woosah makes beaching life easy as pie.