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To find the ideal Lakewood Lux property that caters to your specific needs, use the chart below to compare the extraordinary amenities offered at each.


  • Our properties are pet-free
  • No open flames/candles, no smoking
  • No excessive noise, and no events or parties causing additional people to be on the property without prior approval
  • Must be 27+ to rent, photo ID required
  • Maximum occupancy
    • Lakeshore Woods Lodge: 8 adults, 10 total including children
    • A-Frame Saugatuck: 6 adults, 8 total including children
    • Treetops: 10 adults: 12 total including children
      • Big Red Cottage: 6 adults
      • The Lookout Cottage: 2 adults, 4 including children
      • Dune Buggy: 2 adults

CANCELLATION POLICY: Guests who cancel at least 60 days before check-in will get back 100% of the amount they’ve paid sans a $50 administrative fee. If a cancellation is made after that point, refunds and rescheduled trips are owner’s discretion and determined by property availability.

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