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Known as a socially responsible, community-centric craft brewery, here’s why the Saugatuck Brewing Co. has become quite the lively neighborhood hangout.



Starting with the very first beer they brewed, the Saugatuck Brewing Co. (SBC) has had the goal of crafting the perfect beer. And once they opened SBC in 2005, that continued to remain the focus. They now operate on a 45-barrel Brew System with 960 barrels of fermentation space and the ability to age over 400 wood barrels at once. They distribute in thirteen states and seven countries abroad. Still, they are on a mission to create the perfect beer — a respectable occupation.




Locals have their favorites, but that doesn’t mean SBC has stopped experimenting. There is always a new beer on tap, something different to try, a new experience to be had. First Timers should grab a “Trip to the Art Coast” variety pack to sample all the mainstays, but there’s also plenty of seasonal brews to be on the lookout for, including these favs by season:

           Summer: Blood Orange Oval Beach Blonde Ale

           Fall: Bonfire Brown

           Winter: Peanut Butter Porter

           Spring: Maggie’s Irish Ale